The Next Phase in Design & AI

The Next Phase in Design & AI

(Note: All opinions expressed are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Diagram or Figma as companies.)

The Journey at Diagram

Just over a year ago, I left my job at Redfin to pursue my lifelong dream of joining a startup. I made the jump to Diagram, where I got to work with a highly talented and inspiring team that shared my passion for shipping impactful products.

Throughout my time at Diagram, I have gained invaluable knowledge, met exceptional individuals, and had the privilege to collaborate with some of the most brilliant minds in my career so far. Although we faced challenges, we never let that discourage us. Instead, we embraced these experiences, using them as opportunities to learn and create something even better.

I am truly grateful for the experience I've had working at Diagram, especially with the most star studded co-workers I've ever had in Jordan, Marco, Vincent and Andrew, but the time has come for a new chapter.


Acquired by Figma

We're so excited to announce that Diagram has been acquired by Figma! This marks a huge milestone for all of us at Diagram, and we couldn't be more thrilled to join forces with a company that has revolutionized design, and one that shares our passion for improving the way designers and developers work.


Figma has proven to be a game-changer in the design industry, and the opportunity to learn and grow within such an innovative company is an incredible prospect. As we become part of the Figma family, we look forward to applying our knowledge and unique skillsets to help and contribute to Figma's mission of making design accessible to everyone.

The Future with Figma


This acquisition is not the end of the road for our work, and we're not going anywhere, the band is staying together, we'll just have a new home at Figma. Our team is eager to continue pursuing our passion for developing innovative products and making meaningful contributions to the design and development community at Figma.

We have so many thrilling projects ahead, and we're stoked to be building delightful AI experiences within Figma itself. Merging our strengths with Figma's existing stacked ML Platform team will only make our combined impact even greater. To everyone who has been a part of our journey at Diagram, thank you for your support, and to those we'll work with at Figma, we can't wait to see what amazing things we will achieve together!